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Creative Solutions & Advanced Concepts


Business and Succession: For many business owners, achieving personal financial freedom depends on perpetuating a business and converting its value into financial assets. Our advanced sales team and case designers suggest programs that can meet multiple objectives.

Estate Conservation and Charitable Giving: Changes in estate tax laws have the potential to create massive uncertainty. Without coordinated preperation the largest estates continue to face potential estate tax impact. In conjunction with your tax and legal advisors, our team can help you prepare for potential estate tax impact, charitable giving strategies and asset transfer structures .

Executive Benefits: While executive benefit programs keep changing with each new regulation and ruling, life insurance continues to work as a viable solution in a variety of situations, ranging from groupr life and key person to highly technical areas such as Corporate-Owner Life Insurance (COLI). We can provide illustrations, consultation, and technical support for:

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Programs (SERP's)
  • Executive Bonus Plans
  • Split-Dollar

Business Retirement Services: Both qualified and non-qualified retirement plans have become a cornerstone of employee benefits programs. We collaborate with other teams to streamline the sales process and implement solutions tailored to your business' needs. We can provide support for:

  • SEPs and SIMPLEs
  • Traditional and Age-Weighted Profit Sharing Plans
  • 401(k)s
  • Traditional and 412(i) Defined Benefit Plans